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A Timeline of all the events that happen in the Honkai Impact Universe.

This page is a rough estimation of the timeline of all the events that took place in the Honkai Impact 3rd universe, incorporating historical records, and folk tales. A constant work in progress, take information given with a grain of salt. If there happens to be any faulty in the timeline that you may have or may not have found feel free to let us know. If you have any proposed changes for the timeline, please cite your evidence through references.

For the sake of simplicity, the "real" Kiana Kaslana will be referred to as such, and the game's protagonist and clone will be referred to by her ID of K-423. Shenzhou is the name of China in the Hi3 universe.

  • PE = Previous Era
  • CE = Current Era

Previous Civilization

~52,000 years BP [1]

The humans of earth reach peak technological development. Thus, the Honkai adapts Herrschers for the very first time on Earth. Herrschers are corrupted humans with immense Honkai Energy, much more than humanity has ever seen or combatted before. [1]

Year X [Note 1]

Thousand Feathers College, Changkong City

  • PE, 6 months BX - Dr. MEI gives a talk on Quantum Mechanics. This puts her on Fire Moth's Radar, as they believe her to be a genius.
  • PE, 3 months BX- KEVIN transfers to the Thousand Feathers College in the Far East from Europe. He is considered the "Prince Charming" of the school. He has a large crush on MEI.
  • PE, Year X - The Third Honkai Eruption of the Previous Era occurs in Changkong City.

Time Period TBA

  • PE, ? - Dr. MEI helps develop the Divine Keys from the available Herrscher cores.
  • PE, ? - At some point, Dr. MEI develops her supercomputer AI Prometheus to help her predict and manage Honkai attacks. Prometheus strongly resembles Bronya Zaychik.

Just before the last few Herrscher Eruptions

  • PE, ? - Dr. MEI binds her life's work into the DNA of Previous Era girls so that when their genes come into contact with Honkai, they will form Natural Stigmata. This can be passed through bloodlines. The carriers of these stigmata-prototypes are put into cryostasis pods so when they wake, they will be able to reproduce and pass on their stigmata. [1]
  • PE, ? - Fuxi and Nuwa are given the task of keeping the Xuanyuan Sword safe after they emerge from their cryopod. [1]

Between Civilizations

  • <50,000 years BP
    • The Fourth Divine Key works to purify the Honkai infected Earth after the Herrscher of the End's impact.
    • Fu Hua, Fuxi, Nuwa, KEVIN, Su, and the chosen subjects of Project Sanctuary sleep in their cryopods until the machinery detects safe levels of Honkai radiation to allow them to emerge.

Current Civilization

Before Common Era (BCE)

  • CE, ? - The Fourth Divine Key finishes purifying the Honkai corruption of the world, allowing the planet to be habitable again.
    • The people of Project Sanctuary emerge from their cryopods and begin repopulating humanity.
  • CE, ? - KEVIN emerges from his cryopod with a sword and a baby in hand (Reference TBA). He dons the name Kaslana for himself, and swears to defeat the Honkai.
  • CE, 2717 BC - The earliest recorded instance of Honkai attacks in the Current Era. Ji Xuanyuan helps defend against them. She disappears into the sea after an expedition to defeat the Honkai Beast Chiyou.

Common Era (CE)


Tang Dynasty, Shenzhou

  • CE, 618~907 - Fu Hua helps defeat Honkai Beasts at the Great Wall. The commonfolk invite Fu Hua to the Spring Festival, but Fu Hua declines. The Book of Fuxi explains to the commonfolk how Fu Hua has been plagued by sadness due to the non-immortal friends she makes always dying. As such, Fu Hua has started avoiding human interaction altogether. The Book of Fuxi then plays with some children, while Fu Hua is told the Book has gone missing. Fu Hua searches in desperation, stating that the Book is all she has left of her friends before she finds the Book. The Book convinces her to attend the Spring Festival, and tells Fu Hua that she wishes for her to be happy, as Fuxi and Nuwa had wished for her as well. The Book then loses the last of its battery power, and dies in Fu Hua's arms while they watch the fireworks. [2]


Wangshan Mountain


  • CE, 1465 - Otto Apocalypse meets Kallen Kaslana for the first time. [3]
  • CE, 1475 - The forces of Europe (Schicksal) and the forces of Shenzhou (Meng) battle. Schicksal deploys Honkai weapons to guarantee their victory and are on their way to winning when the Immortal Celestial entered the battlefield and turned the tables. To stop the Immortal, Schicksal sends out their most powerful warrior; Kallen Kaslana, who wields the Divine Key Oath of Judah. However, the Immortal ends up defeating Kallen, and the Schicksal army retreats.[4]

First Honkai Eruption

  • CE, January 1st, 1952: 1st Honkai Eruption in Berlin. A boy named Welt Joyce becomes the first Herrscher.
  • CE, 1955: The Battle of New York; Anti-Entropy Defects; Joachim becomes the Herrscher of Reason after Welt Joyce dies.

Post-First Eruption

  • CE, March 28, 1972 - Theresa Apocalypse is "born", created by Otto Apocalypse using Kallen Kaslana and the Honkai Beast Vishnu's DNA. She is unable to age past 12 years old physically. She is put through a series of tests by Otto to decide if she is "fit" for survival, her final test being to murder the only other clone created in the same batch as her, as the clone had passed all the tests as well. She wins the fight, but is merciful. It is unknown what happened to the other clone (only known as A-303). Theresa impresses Otto with her show of strength and kindness, and so he adopts her as his granddaughter, bestowing her with the name Theresa. [5]
  • CE, December 24, 1973 - The battle of Parvati takes place, and the B-Grade Valkyrie Theresa Apocalypse fights her first battle. more detail tba
  • CE, 1987/1988 - Sirin is born to an unnamed mother in Siberia.
  • CE, April 13, 1997 - Raiden Mei is born to parents Raiden Ryoma and an unknown mother.
  • CE, December 7, 1998 - Kiana Kaslana is born to parents Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Schariac. [6]
  • CE, ? BP - Sirin’s mother dies of Honkai radiation, and Sirin is taken in by Schicksal to be test subject at Babylon Labs. Her friends from the village Bella, Galina, Avrora, and Agata are all taken there with her. They are experimented on in order to perfect artificial stigmata for Schicksal's valkyries. One by one, each of the girls die from poor Honkai adaptability, and the lab personnel's terrible treatment of her and her friends traumatizes Sirin. Sirin survives due to her innate Honkai adaptability, and apparently, her ability to purify the Honkai in her blood (although she describes the pain caused by this process as excruciating). She is the lab's prime test subject, much to her appall. It is later revealed that the reason so many were dying of Honkai radiation in Sirin's village is because Babylon was infecting the villagers with Honkai in an attempt to find those with resistance. When the adults all died, they took in the children for further testing.
  • CE, 1999 - Ana Schariac is born to unknown parents. [7]

Second Honkai Eruption

Babylon Labs

  • CE, 0000 hours February 1, 2000 - The Second Honkai War begins. Sirin, a test subject at Babylon Labs, succumbs to the Will of the Honkai and has a partial awakening as the Herrscher of the Void. She goes on a rampage with her newfound powers (thereby appearing invisible on all security cameras), killing all the scientists who experimented on her in revenge for their actions. She kills all 322 of the lab's personnel. [8]

Schicksal HQ

  • CE, 1200 hours, February 2, 2000 - Theresa Apocalypse is playing with her niece (an affectionate term as Kiana isn't actually Theresa's niece) Kiana Kaslana, while Kiana's parents Cecilia and Siegfried watch fondly. This is when Schicksal is notified of the mass death at Babylon Labs, so it sends A-Rank Valkyries Theresa Apocalypse and Patricia Highsmith to investigate. [9] [8]

Davis-Monathan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona

  • CE, >1200 hours, February 2, 2000 - Schicksal's opponent, Anti-Entropy, is notified of the massive Honkai output in Babylon labs. Dr. Einstein suggests it could be the awakening of the Second Herrscher, and that Schicksal must have already mobilized. Anti-Entropy mobilizes under the word of its sovereign, Welt Yang, who declares that if they cannot turn the Herrscher to their cause (as Welt has done), then they must kill the Herrscher. [8]

Babylon Labs

  • CE, 1152 hours, February 3, 2000 [Note 2]- Theresa arrives at Babylon Labs and convenes with Patricia, who had arrived earlier. The two investigate the tower, and find the victims of the experiments locked in prison cells. They free the girls, and encounter Sirin for the first time, as Sirin is among the prisoners, having returned to her cell after finishing her slaughter. Theresa sees nothing unusual about her and regards her as a normal girl, but Patricia is suspicious of Sirin. [8] [10]
  • CE, ~0000 hours, February 4, 2000 - Sirin returns to the reactor pile to recharge her Honkai reserves. Patricia confronts her, having expected her arrival. They get into a fight.
  • CE, Morning, February 4, 2000 - Patricia Highsmith is declared MIA by Shicksal after disappearing post-fight with Sirin. Schicksal deploys 2 more squads of Snowwolf Valkyries and Siegfried Kaslana as it realizes that the threat they are dealing with is stronger than initially expected.

5 km away from Babylon Labs, in the Siberian Tundra

  • CE, February 4, 2000 - Tesla, Einstein, and Welt Yang arrive in Siberia, 5 km away from the building, as representatives for Anti-Entropy. They meet Patricia Highsmith, who is revealed to be a double agent for Anti-Entropy. Patricia has lost her right arm in her fight with Sirin, and apologizes for being unable to subdue the potential Herrscher. She requests Anti-Entropy to help save her friends in Shicksal from dying needlessly to Sirin. [11]

Babylon Labs

  • CE, February 4, 2000 - Sirin speaks to a Honkai insect about how she needs to recharge after spending so much energy in her fight with Highsmith. The insect offers to aid her by distracting the guards of the reactor pile. At the same time, sensors in Babylon pick up readings of 500 Honkai beasts converging on the tower (presumably the work of the Honkai bug who offered to help Sirin). This is also when Siegfried Kaslana, and A-Rank Valkyries Salome Jokanaan and Shub-Niggurath arrive, just in time to defeat the horde of Honkai beasts. [11]
  • CE, February 4, 2000 - Sirin recharges her Honkai energy at the reactor pile. [12]

5 km away from Babylon Labs, in the Siberian Tundra

  • CE, February 4, 2000 - Siegfried, Shub-Niggurath, and Salome are fighting the horde of Honkai Beasts when a Templar-Class Honkai Beast emerges. Siegfried gives the order to leave the fight, but the three are interrupted by Welt Yang, who defeats hundreds of the Honkai with his Herrscher powers and paralyzes Siegfried, Shub-Niggurath and Salome momentarily in the process. After settling some animosity between Siegfried and Welt, the two form an alliance and agree to work together to defeat Sirin. [12]

Post-Second Eruption

  • CE, ? BP - K-423, a biological clone of the original Kiana, is created by Otto Apocalypse, as a host for Sirin. All other attempts failed until implanting Core of the Void inside her. What seem to be remnants of Sirin lie in the Core. Sirin's wish for a second life allows K-423 to gain consciousness. [13]
  • CE, August 18, 2000 - Bronya Zaychik is born to the deceased Alexei Zaychik and an unnamed mother. Presumably, her mother died during or after childbirth, as Bronya is immediately taken in by an organization that uses her as a child soldier.
  • 2007: Siegfried attempts to retrieve both Kiana and K-423 from Schicksal. However, he manages to retrieve only K-423.
  • CE, Winter 2009: Siegfried names K-423 and accepts her as his daughter.
  • CE, 2010: Sirin briefly awakens in K-423. After subduing her, Siegried decides to leave K-423.
  • CE, 2011 - Ana Schariac becomes a Valkyrie at the age of 12. [7]
  • CE, 2012-2013: Events of Azure Waters Manga play out

Third Honkai Eruption


  • CE, February 2014: Events of Azure Waters Manga play outtba Mei’s core explodes, turning all citizens of Nazagora into zombies. (Placeholder statement)

Central Hong Kong

  • CE, 2014 - While on a date, Murata Himeko is interrupted by reports of a Honkai eruption in Nazagora, ‘on par with “that” incident 14 years ago (The Second Honkai Eruption).’ She boards the Hyperion and travels to Nazagora.


  • CE, 2014 - K-423 and Mei run through the crowds of people, K-423 with double pistols and Mei with a shotgun. They encounter a Honkai Beast and are unable to damage it with their guns, but Bronya Zaychik arrives in the nick of time and defeats it. After the three girls have a small bicker about who Mei likes the best, they rest in an abandoned apartment. [14]

Post-Third Eruption

St. Freya High

  • CE, May, 2014 - K-423, Bronya, and Mei enroll in St. Freya High, with Murata Himeko as their teacher. [15]
  • CE, 2014: Events of Anti-Entropy Invasion Manga and Moon Shadow Manga play out


  • CE, 2015 - Ana Schariac is promoted to an A-Rank Valkyrie at the age of 16 and becomes an adjutant of the Snow Lotus Squad. [7]


  • CE, 400 hours, May 22, 2015 - The Manila Honkai Eruption occurs, claiming the title of the worst Honkai outbreak in Southeast Asia. It did not birth a Herrscher, however, it did cause over 2 million casualties, over 3 million suffering from Honkai infection, and left 10 million in Manila and the surrounding areas homeless. Shicksal sends 42 squads (made up of 147 Valkyries total) including squads Snow Lotus, Sea Lion, and Astra to help. Most of the squad members die. This event is where Ana Schariac rescues Chen Tianwu, later known as Owl, from the rubble. Presumably, Tianwu had been living in Manila up to this point. Present day, the city is still uninhabitable due to high Honkai levels. [16]


  • CE, Fall 2015: London Holiday Manga and 2nd Divine Key Manga events play out

Game Story

  • CE, July 2016: Chapter 1 starts.
  • CE, 2017: Chapter 9 EX starts.
  • CE, October 2017: Chapter 26 starts.

A Post Honkai Odyssey

  • CE, 8 years after the events of the game: events of apho play out, tba

Alien Space

  • 2029 tba


  1. Secret of the God Keys gives many dates. However, without a baseline, they cannot be used. Therefore, Year X will be the baseline. Year X is about 17 years after the birth of Dr. Mei, Fu Hua, and Kevin.
  2. The manga states that it is 1152 hours on February 2. However, this doesn't make sense, as it was already past noon when Theresa was mobilized by Shicksal. Even with regards to timezones, Siberia is ahead of Europe (where Shicksal HQ is floating), so the discrepancy cannot be rectified. As such, the author of this timeline has decided the date "Feb 2 was likely a typo, and it meant to say February 3.